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College of Human Ecology

Professional Mentoring Program

The College of Human Ecology Professional Mentoring Program provides students with the opportunity to learn from highly successful and experienced professionals by forging long-lasting, professional relationships. These individuals are alumni and friends of K-State who volunteer their time to help students prepare professionally and succeed in their chosen career.

Mentor Application       |        Mentee Application



Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

We are fortunate in the College of Human Ecology to have successful and experienced professionals who volunteer their time to mentor students.

Mentoring can take as little as an hour of your time each month, yet it can have a great impact on students.

As a Mentor, you will be able to:

  • Provide insight about the various careers within academic fields
  • Guide students as they begin navigating the work world with resumes, interviewing skills and job hunting
  • Coach students on professional communication, dress and demeanor
  • Advise students on professional development within their discipline
  • Connect students to others who can assist them in building their professional network

To apply to be a mentor, please complete the online mentor application. Mentors are accepted throughout the year.

Qualifications for Students

To become a student mentee, you must:

  • Be a student in good academic standing, enrolled in a degree program in the College of Human Ecology
  • Be at junior, senior or graduate student standing
  • Have at least two semesters remaining prior  to completing your degree program
  • Attend a required mentoring orientation prior to participating in the program
  • Submit an application to the director of the program
  • Be able to commit at least one hour a month to the mentoring relationship

To apply to the Professional Mentoring Program, please complete the online mentee application.

Additional Resources

Contact Information

Megan Umscheid
Program Director