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College of Human Ecology

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Mentor Connection

Archive: April 2015

With five weeks remaining of classes this semester, your mentee may be thinking about their summer plans. Many students may have secured an internship or a part-time job. If they have not, encourage them to look into possibilities for the summer. K-State's Career and Employment Services allows students to create an account to see both internship and job postings available. Here are some other topics to highlight in your discussions with your mentee this month:

  • Resumes and cover letters - do they have an updated resume? Have they shared it with you for feedback?
  • Mock interviews - this is an excellent way to improve interview skills. Offer to practice with your mentee.
  • "Tell me about yourself." - a very common question potential employees are asked. Is you mentee ready with an appropriate response? Help them to develop one.
  • Preparing for the next semester - your mentee will be enrolling in classes for fall 2015 this month. Ask them about the courses they have chosen.

Thank you again for giving your time and wisdom to students in human ecology. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Pamela Erickson, Director

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