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Mentor Connection

Archive: December 2014

Greetings! College of Human Ecology students who are part of the Professional Mentoring Program receive a huge advantage over college students who are not beginning to network. According to a Forbes article, "Why College Freshman Need to Major in LinkedIn," relationships are what lead to success in finding a job upon graduation. With 80 percent of jobs obtained through networking, it is more important than ever to help our students expand their own networks early.

One way to begin is on LinkedIn. Does your student have a profile on LinkedIn? If not, encourage them to set one up and provide them guidelines for doing so professionally. Students can join K-State alumni and other industry and interest groups to get connected to hundreds of professionals. Also, consider introducing your mentee to other colleagues or professionals that may be in your networking circles. By the time they graduate, the hope is that they will have a group of professionals to whom they can reach out.

Thank you to all who have agreed to mentor students! Our program would not exist without the time you give. Some of you have signed up, but have not yet been matched with a student. As our program gains momentum, more and more students will be applying. I anticipate needing many more mentors in 2015. I hope you are still willing to serve as a mentor!

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Peace and Warm Holiday Wishes!

Pamela Erickson, Director


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