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Mentor Connection

Archive: November 2014

Greetings from Manhattan, Kansas!

As we enter the holiday season, it may become more difficult to find time to meet with your mentees. That's okay. There is no rush or pressure. Perhaps an email this month touching base with your mentee will be the method of communication. A great topic for discussion is SMART goals.

As a mentor, you want to ensure you are fostering growth and development of your mentee and prompting them to think. Asking facilitating questions is key. Read the article Facilitating Mentee-Driven Goal Setting (pdf) by Lois J. Zachary and Lory A. Fischler for great ideas in working with your mentee.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Professional Mentoring Program or your mentee, please contact me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Pamela Erickson, Director

Note: We are currently recruiting new mentors! If you have colleagues that would be interested in serving as a mentor, please refer them to me or to the application on the website.

Upcoming Events

November 1: K-State Football vs. Oklahoma State, 7 p.m.; K-State Volleyball vs. Texas Tech

November 2: Daylight Savings Time ends, Fall Back!

November 11: Veteran's Day

November 22: K-State Volleyball vs. TCU

November 24-28: Student Holiday (no classes)

November 29: K-State Football vs. Kansas; K-State Volleyball vs. West Virginia