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Honors Projects

An honors project is a focused investigation into a problem or topic of your choice. With the guidance of a faculty advisor, you review the literature, develop a research question or topic, collect data and write a report describing your work. Projects are variable in nature, and may include a research study, a creative design, website or course development, or other significant academic work. Typically, the faculty advisor sets the standards for your honors project. Each of the following sections are designed to answer your questions about an honors project.

Advantages of Completing an Honors Project

  • Prepare for your future
    • Gain research experience that would be extremely helpful in graduate school
  • Experience one-on-one mentoring with a faculty member
  • Acquire valuable experience to put on a resume
  • Receive recognition and awards
    • Present at local or national conferences
    • Publish your honors project

Faculty Advisors and Interests