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Personal Financial Planning program wins big at annual Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education Symposium

Monday, December 3, 2018

The AFCPE Competition Team of Phillip Wegman, Adam Eilert and Jessica Lickteig.

The personal financial planning program saw great success at the recent Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, AFCPE®, symposium in Norfolk, Virginia in November.

For the undergraduates, the Financial Counseling Knowledge Bowl Challenge team walked away with a fourth place finish in the finals. The team was comprised of Adam Eilert, senior; Phillip Wegman, junior; and Jessica Lickteig, junior. The team earned the right to participate in the finals after an initial round where student teams submitted papers on issues in financial counseling.

The graduate students also saw success at the conference. Andrew Scott, Juan Gallardo and Chris Moore, doctoral students, received the Student Paper Award for their paper “Change in Financial Knowledge Post Peer Financial Counseling”. This paper was chosen by a review committee that sought to identify a student authored conference paper that is of great use to the profession.

Frank Magawegwe, doctoral student, and HanNa Lim, assistant professor, received the Best Paper Award for their paper “Theory of Planned Behavior and Retirement Preparation”. This paper was awarded to the best paper presented the Symposium, similarly evaluated for its ability to impact the financial counseling and planning professions.

Lastly, recent doctoral graduate Allen Ammerman and Maurice MacDonald, professor, were awarded the Outstanding Research Journal Article Award for their article “Future Orientation and Household Financial Asset Liquidity”. This article was selected as the best paper published in the Journal of Financial Counselling and Planning the preceding year by the editorial staff. This is the most prestigious award offered by the journal.

“We are very proud of our students and faculty. The variety and depth of these awards are reflective of the excellence at all levels within our program,” said Martin Seay, program director.

The AFCPE® is the nationally recognized leader in financial counseling, coaching and education. Bringing together research, education and practice, they support the profession through comprehensive training, professional development and high-quality resources to help improve the economic well-being of individuals and families worldwide.

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