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Thompson win second Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year Award

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Teaching associate professor David E. Thompson, School of Family Studies and Human Services, was recently selected as the recipient of the Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year Award from the Kansas Association for Career and Technical Education (K-ACTE), which is a collaborative organization comprising of KAAE, KBOA, KATFACS, KCCTEA, KIEA, and KNRS.

Thompson also received this same award in March from the Kansas Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (KATFACS), an affiliate organization.

K-ACTE, or the Kansas Association for Career and Technical Education, is a professional association that provides opportunities for career and technical educators, administrators, and other supporters of career and technical education. K-ACTE advocates for career and technical education and share virtues of professionalism and leadership. You can learn more about the organization here: https://www.k-acte.org/about

Thompson was selected for the Kansas Association for Career and Technical Education Administrators award as a follow-up to the KATFACS award based on the criteria that he is a full-time administrator, program specialist, coordinator, or other Career and Technical Educator personnel/staff.

“One of Dr. Thompson’s primary influences is the support that he provides to students as they are exploring their future options. Several students in the last few years have chosen careers in Family and Consumer Sciences and Extension following graduation from K-State,” professor and school director Dorothy Durband explained. A large part of his responsibilities in the Human Development and Family Science program over the past 13 years includes teaching the seniors’ capstone/professional seminar classes as well as overseeing their internships and preparing them for professional careers. Over 95% of HDFS graduates find jobs in related fields or pursue graduate studies.

Thompson’s achievements will be recognized during the K-ACTE Summer Conference at the Hilton Garden Inn & Convention Center in Manhattan, KS on July 31 and will be presented the award from KATFACS on August 1.

This article was posted on Thursday, July 27, 2017, and is filed under College News, Family Studies & Human Services.