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Four PhD students win top research forum awards

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Winners of the College of Human Ecology’s first Graduate Student Research and Creative Inquiry Forum were Brooke Cull, Sam E. Emerson, Chelsey Schlechter and Colby Teeman.

More than 30 graduate students representing master’s and doctoral programs presented their research Monday in Justin Hall. Judges were faculty members from the college.

The top presenters and their topics are:

  • Brooke Cull

    Brooke Cull

    Cull, doctoral student in human nutrition: The Seated Inactivity Trail (S.I.T.): Health Outcomes Associated with Eight Weeks of Imposed Sedentary Behavior. Collaborators were faculty members Richard Rosenkranz, Mark Haub and Sara K. Rosenkranz.

  • Sam Emmerson

    Sam Emerson

    Emerson, doctoral student in human nutrition: Is There a Link Between Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Post-Exercise Airway Narrowing Across Puberty? Collaborators were Stephanie P. Kurti and faculty members Sara K. Rosenkranz, Richard R. Rosenkranz and Craig A. Harms.

  • Schlechter, doctoral student in kinesiology: Does Youth Sport Contribute to Meeting Public Health Physical Activity Guidelines? Collaborators were faculty members Richard R. Rosenkranz and David A. Dzewaltoswski.
  • Colby Teeman

    Colby Teeman

    Teeman, doctoral student in human nutrition: Does Moderate Intensity Exercise in the Postprandial Period Attenuate the Inflammatory Response to a High-fat Meal? Collaborators were Stephanie Kurti, Brooke Cull, Sam Emerson and faculty members Mark Haub and Sara Rosenkranz.

The winning students received monetary awards to support travel to present at a national conference in the student’s discipline.

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