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DeYoung-Daniels receives top Global Campus teaching award, Lange named extraordinary student

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rebecca DeYoung-Daniels was awarded the K-State Global Campus Excellence in Online Teaching Award at the recent 2015 K-State Global Campus Honors and Awards Reception.

Rebecca DeYoung-Daniels

Rebecca DeYoung-Daniels

DeYoung-Daniels is an instructor in the hospitality management and dietetics department. She was praised for her ability to engage students in the subject matter while promoting critical thinking and understanding.

The teaching award recognizes an online instructor or faculty member who has provided outstanding online teaching, course development, mentoring of students and service to the field of continuing education.

Two awards went to students studying in the College of Human Ecology.

Lisa Lange received the K-State Global Campus Extraordinary Student Award. She is an undergraduate student in nutrition and health from Scranton, Iowa. Lange and her daughter have neurofibromatosis; Lange works tirelessly to ensure her daughter receives the help she needs in school while working full time and attending school herself.

The award is given to a currently enrolled distance education student who has overcome obstacles in the path of his or her education and who demonstrates academic excellence, focus and career ambition in his or her studies at Kansas State University.

Victoria Lehmann was awarded the K-State Global Campus Star Student Award. Lehmann is a student worker for the Global Campus dean’s office and a junior in psychology with a minor in conflict analysis and trauma studies. She handles her work with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency and is able to look beyond the job at hand and see the larger picture.

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