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College of Human Ecology

Media Center names studios after Utech, Biles

Friday, March 28, 2014

Brandon Utech, web developer for the College of Human Ecology and former director of technical services at the National Institute for Land Management and Training at Kansas State University, has been honored by the Kiowa County Media Center which he helped create.

Brandon Utech

Brandon Utech

He and Dr. Bert R. Biles, associate director emeritus at the National Institute for Land Management and Training, are credited with envisioning and designing the media center and broadcast television production trailer as well as procuring donations for a majority of the cabling and equipment in the studios.

Located in Greensburg, Kan., the media center named its media development studios and remote production trailer the Biles-Utech Media Studios. They were honored earlier this month and plaques were put up in their honor.

The center offers educational opportunities and career training through Kiowa County Schools and Pratt Community College, as well as providing media support for local businesses and nonprofits at discounted rates.

“Bert and Brandon are true friends of the media center and Kiowa County,” said Matt Christenson, Kiowa County Media Center board president. “Without their vision and expertise, we would still be sitting on the sidelines watching the rest of the world use emerging technology unable to afford or participate in business and educational opportunities that larger communities take for granted.”

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