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150 Shades of Purple quilt show displayed in Justin Hall

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Hundred Fifty Shades of Purple. Who knew?

The shades have been quilted into masses of stitches and patterns now on display throughout Justin Hall. The exhibit, presented by the Historic Costume and Textile Museum, will hang until March 28.

Details from the 15 quilted works on display in Justin Hall.

Details from the 15 quilted works on display in Justin Hall.

Fourteen quilts and one apron, exhibited in 11 cases, exemplify an array of quilting techniques: machine, hand, pieced, applique and embroidery, said Marla Day, museum curator who designed the “150 Shades of Purple” display. “One even has sparkles and so many quilters have added other personal touches to their designs,” she added.

Last year the Konza Prairie Quilters’ Guild in Manhattan challenged members to create projects that incorporated at least 150 purple-based fabric swatches to honor Kansas State University's 150th anniversary. Twenty-nine quilters completed projects. Barbara Anderson, head of the Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, and Day selected 15 for the College of Human Ecology display.

“The challenge was presented the same month that K-State had its sesquicentennial kick-off celebration – February 2013,” said Carol Pacey, president of the guild. “The only rule was to use 150 different purple fabrics and any number of other fabrics needed. Some chose to use more than 150.”

Needle artists are Joanna Baker, Jennie Burden, Edgar Chambers, Cathy Cholick, Donna Dawson, Janet Finney, Nancy Graves, Charlotte Herr, Callie Hilderbrand, Judy Marshall, Rachel Moreland, Carol Pacey, Judi Robb, Jean Wright and Suzie Wong.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

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