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College of Human Ecology

HE faculty members receive Academic Excellence funding

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

President Kirk Schulz and Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason have named recipients of the latest round of Academic Excellence awards. These awards support proposals that advance the university toward the goals of K-State 2025 and its aspiration to be recognized as a Top 50 public research institution.

Those in Human Ecology receiving funds are:

  • David Dzewaltowski and Richard Rosenkranz, kinesiology and human nutrition, to purchase youth obesity prevention child care observation research equipment and fund student travel to a national conference;
  • Mark Haub, human nutrition, to provide partial support to purchase a stability cabinet and computing equipment and software;
  • Elaine Johannes, family studies and human services, to purchase equipment and furnishings for shared work and collaboration space;
  • Bronwyn Fees, family studies and human services, to replace outdated equipment and fund travel for training on data analysis; and
  • David Poole and Timothy Musch, dual appointees in anatomy and physiology and kinesiology, received conference travel support for students to attend a national conference.

The fund combines resources from the offices of the president and provost. Faculty have two award periods during each academic year to propose projects for funding.

Prepared by the provost's office and Human Ecology communications




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