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College of Human Ecology

CHE research grantees named

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Four research projects have been awarded funds from the College of Human Ecology, Dean Virginia Moxley announced this week. Those receiving grants and their projects are:

  •  Joyce Baptist and Elaine Johannes, both in family studies and human services, for “Military Children: Resilience in the Face of Parental Military Deployment.”
  • Jared Durtschi, family studies and human services, for “Military Couples as First-Time Parents: Understanding and Predicting Romantic Relationship Quality Trajectories.”
  • Richard Rosenkranz in human nutrition, Sara Rosenkranz in human nutrition and David Dzewaltowski in kinesiology, for “Evaluation of a Home-based Health Coaching Program to Prevent Childhood Obesity in the Community.”
  • Amber Vennum, family studies and human services, for “Evaluating the Impact of School-based Family Therapy on Student and Family Outcomes.”

“These faculty members and their projects represent the breadth and depth of our mission – to improve the human condition. Their topics are especially relevant to society today,” Moxley said.

The competitive grants are awarded annually.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications


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