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McCants earns University Presidential Award for Undergraduate Teaching

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrie McCants

Terrie McCants

Terrie McCants has received the University Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

“My mission every day is to work toward having a positive impact in my students’ educational/life experiences by exposing them to new ideas and respecting their unique contributions,” she wrote to the selection committee.

McCants is an instructor in FSHS and coordinator in the conflict resolution certificate program and the Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies minor. She also is a mentor mediator at The Family Center, a facilitator with the Institute of Civic Discourse and Democracy and a conflict coach for many students, staff and faculty.

This month she also received the national University Professional and Continuing Education award for excellence in teaching online at a conference in Toronto.

Adding to her kudos is the fact that one of her conflict resolution students, Melanie Hall, received a Truman Scholarship recently.

“In my long experience, there are few instances of a single individual who has had such a major impact for creative learning that will be as effective in public and private application for our graduates,” wrote FSHS director Maurice MacDonald in his support letter for the presidential award.

The award recognizes excellence in teaching performance in the undergraduate program and provides $2,500.

This article was posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, and is filed under Family Studies & Human Services.