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Doctoral students present at Capitol research summit

Friday, March 4, 2011

Matt VanSchenkhof

Matt VanSchenkhof discusses his research with K-State president Kirk Schulz at the Capitol Graduate Research Summit in Topeka.

Ten graduate students represented K-State at the 8th annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit in Topeka in February.

Matthew VanSchenkhof, a doctoral student in hospitality management and dietetics, presented a poster session on “An Investigation of Water Usage in Casual Dining Restaurants in Kansas.” The study may result in lower costs, increased awareness of water consumption and more sustainable water use, he said. His major professor is Betsy Barrett.

Also selected was Jennifer Hanson, doctoral student in human nutrition. Her topic is “Dietary Intakes of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Among Soldiers Deploying to Combat.” She is working with Mark Haub, associate professor, and researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the U.S. Army.

Among the presenters was Pei Liu, doctoral student in hospitality management and dietetics. Her research is "Perceived Availability of and Attitudes Toward Healthy Food Choices in Assisted-living Facilities in Kansas." Her major professor is Junehee Kwon.

"The goal was for students to communicate how research they're conducting directly benefits Kansas and to educate about the value of supporting research and graduate education," said Carol Shanklin, dean of the Graduate School.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications. Photo by K-State communications and marketing

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