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Griffin receives Stowe Faculty Development award

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Charlie Griffin

Charlie Griffin

Charles L. Griffin has been selected to receive the Dean Barbara S. Stowe Endowed Faculty Development Fund Award for 2010.

He will be recognized at commencement ceremonies for the College of Human Ecology on Saturday, Dec. 11.

Stowe, who was dean of Human Ecology at K-State from 1983-1998, established to support outstanding faculty in their pursuit of professional growth in advancement of the college mission.

Griffin, research assistant professor in the School of Family Studies and Human Services, used the award to travel to the University of Limpopo, South Africa, to further collaborative initiatives between the two universities. The mutual interests include research and rural economic development initiatives.

He has worked with transitions in the agricultural sector and rural mental health outreach since 1985, first through K-State Extension and Research with the state hotline for farm and ranch families and more recently as director of the Kansas Rural Family Helpline through the College of Human Ecology. The programs provided confidential emotional support, information and referrals for rural families struggling with emotional, medical, financial or legal needs.

Additionally, Griffin was a partner in the 7-state "Sowing Seeds of Hope" coalition promoting accessible behavioral health services in agricultural communities. Other work includes USDA Risk Management Agency Partnership projects entitled Helping Farm Families Make Sound Business Decisions, Family Farm Business Planning and Women Managing the Farm, providing educational opportunities for Kansas farm and ranch families and advisers and consultants who work with those families.

Griffin assisted in the development of Kansas’ agricultural mediation program, developing a specialization in alternative dispute resolution and collaborative workplace skills that led into a 16 year support contract with Kansas’ Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services and has provided assistance to organizations, boards of directors, and communities with conflict resolution and strategic planning.

In 2005, he and Briana Nelson Goff, associate dean and professor in FSHS, developed the Kansas All-Hazards Behavioral Health program and coordinated the FEMA funded Disaster Mental Health response in the Greensburg area following the devastating tornado in 2007. His current involvements include provision of leadership training workshops at Ft. Leavenworth for the U.S. Army’s Pre-Command Courses and assistance in developing the K-State collaboration with the University of Limpopo.

Griffin is currently on the advisory board of the Kansas Judicial Branch’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is past president of Agriwellness/Sowing the Seeds of Hope and has served on the board of the National Association for Rural Mental Health.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

This article was posted on Thursday, December 9, 2010, and is filed under Family Studies & Human Services.