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University, college set enrollment records

Monday, September 27, 2010

K-State's fall enrollment of 23,588 students is a record. So is the College of Human Ecology’s number – 2,419.

Undergraduates number 2,026 and graduate students number 393. College enrollment in 2009 was 2,275.

University-wide figures show:

  • Manhattan on-campus enrollment of 20,592 is up 386 students from last year;
  • Salina on-campus enrollment is 642 students, up 612 compared to  fall 2009;
  • Enrollment of 1,812 international students tops last year's record of 1,717;
  • The number of students of color is 2,946, up 18 percent from last year.

"Keeping K-State accessible and affordable is extremely important as the state's land-grant university, and our record enrollment shows students and their families appreciate our efforts," said Kirk Schulz, president. "Our growing and diverse student body also is important as we work to become a top 50 public university in the next few years."

This fall's record diversity enrollment includes 993 African-American students and 1,077 Hispanic/Latino students.

International enrollment has more than doubled since 1997, the first year K-State began its international student recruitment initiative. Figures include 372 students new to K-State and 1,440 continuing students from last year.

Students from 107 countries are attending K-State this fall. The largest percentage of the university's international students is from China, with 829 this year, up from 718 in 2009. K-State also has 221 students from India, 111 from Saudi Arabia, 75 from Korea, 31 from Kuwait and 31 from Nepal.

Prepared by K-State communications and marketing and Human Ecology communications

This article was posted on Monday, September 27, 2010, and is filed under College News.