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Rarick awarded for GTA teaching excellence

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tim RarickTim Rarick  has received K-State's Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (GTA). He is a PhD student in life span human development.

Rarick teaches two sections, with about 450 students each, of Human Development.  Four graduate and undergraduate students assist him.

His research involves "positive psychology in emerging adults" or happiness in college-age students.

"Mr. Rarick has the excellent ability of making each student feel valued and included," wrote FSHS head Bill Meredith. "He uses lecture, class discussion, video clips and humor. He even brings his guitar several times each semester to play songs that speak to the topics at hand. Students discuss the relevance of the song to the material."

Before coming to K-State, Rarick was  a preschool teacher and stand-up comic. He teaches tennis at Cotton Wood Racquet Club.

He will be honored at a May 6 reception at the Beach Museum. The award includes $2,500.

This article was posted on Thursday, April 2, 2009, and is filed under Family Studies & Human Services.