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College of Human Ecology

Meredith to lead mentoring program

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bill Meredith will lead a university-wide mentoring program for faculty when he begins phased retirement in July. He will assist departments and colleges in developing, implementing and enhancing plans.

Last fall, Meredith announced he would step down as head of the School of Family Studies and Human Services. He joined K-State in 1999.

"He will be a tremendous resource and facilitator in helping us provide both our junior faculty members and our tenured faculty members with the professional development that comes from strong mentoring relationships," said M. Duane Nellis, provost and senior vice president, in making the announcement.

"Dr. Meredith was a member of the task force that developed the recommendations on the university-wide mentoring program, and he has many years of experience as a department head in mentoring faculty members," he added.

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