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Nutrition profs awarded engagement grant

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A healthy snacks initiative is one of four projects to be funded by the Center for Engagement and Community Development this spring.

"Development and Promotion of Healthy Snack Products for School Children" is a collaborative project of Koushik Adhikari and Tandalayo Kidd, both assistant professors of human nutrition; Sajid Alavi, associate professor of grain science and industry; and Nancy Muturi, assistant professor of journalism and mass communications.

The project will address obesity and lack of fiber in daily diets by engaging the problem at its roots.

The team plans to determine attitudes toward nutritive snacks, develop grain-based nutritive snacks and evaluate nutritive snacks. The group will develop an outreach program with the snack processing industry and middle schools in northeast Kansas regarding processing challenges and health benefits of nutritive snacks.

The Center for Engagement and Community Development works with campus and K-State Extension professionals across the state to leverage campus resources to address important issues in communities across Kansas.

David Procter, center director, said the three other projects receiving funding are a statewide project evaluating health care for the underserved, a Shakespeare workshop for high school teachers,and a learning garden for a Manhattan elementary school.

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