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FSHS sets K-State extramural funding record with $17 million plus

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The School of Family Studies and Human Services set a record this year for the most competitive award dollars ever received by a department at Kansas State University.

According to Bill Meredith, professor and director of the school within the College of Human Ecology, FSHS received almost $18 for the fiscal year 2008. Most of the grant and contracts funded research and programs with military families.

The health and security of military families is one of the top priorities in the school. "Because we are in close proximity to both Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth, we are in a good place to conduct research," Meredith said.

Paul R. Lowe, assistant vice president for research and director of preaward services, said he could not find a single department that had ever generated $17 million of extramural funding in a single fiscal year. "I checked data as far back as records would allow," he said.

The FSHS military families programs have been innovative and effective, Meredith said. They include:

  • Groundbreaking research explores prevention and response to child and spouse maltreatment;
  • TRECK (The Research, Education and Consultation at K-State) focuses on developing research programs, providing education and providing clinical consultation on issues related to trauma and traumatic stress, including soldiers and their family members directly impacted by war trauma;
  • Operation Military Kids, an Army program that serves 29,000 children in 34 states, builds support for children who are geographically separated from one or both parents;
  • Ready, Set, Go! provides communities with information about military culture. The training program is part of Operation Military Kids;
  • A prototype or manual was developed for conducting interactive theater with children of military parents who have been deployed;
  • and 4-H programs were established on or near Army posts and Air Force bases.

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