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Students in K-State's food writing course publish webzine

Monday, June 2, 2008

MANHATTAN -- Students in Kansas State University's food writing course have published the Kansas Food Journal, a new Webzine devoted to food production, preparation and consumption in the state.

The food journal is available at http://www.KansasFoodJournal.com.

According to course instructor Jane P. Marshall, the Webzine is the only one of its kind in Kansas and one of the first class-produced Webzines at K-State. Content at the Webzine includes features, restaurant listings, recipes, book reviews and food memoirs, all written by students.

Some of the features being served at the Kansas Food Journal include:

* A look at the Lazy Heart D Ranch near Westmoreland, where Ed and Susan Dillinger raise bison for food and pleasure, written by Kristin Hodges, May 2008 bachelor's graduate in print journalism, Manhattan.

* A report on Our Daily Bread Bake Shoppe and Bistro in Barnes, where pies, cakes and camaraderie are the house specials, written by Lauren Tipton, May 2008 bachelor's graduate in life sciences, Manhattan.

* The world of Holy-Field Vineyard and Winery, where a father-daughter team grows more than 12,000 vines on 14 acres in Leavenworth County, written by Maddie Ross, a senior in public health nutrition, Roeland Park.

* A profile of Anthony's Beehive near Lawrence, a family business that sprung from a third-grade science lesson, written by Rebekah Phillips, May 2008 bachelor's graduate in nutrition and exercise science, Omaha,

"I am so thrilled with the advent of this e-zine. This kind of class project is the epitome of hands-on learning that we promote in our department," said Deborah Canter, head of K-State's department of hotel, restaurant, institution management and dietetics. "We now have an on-going project that not only is an educational activity for our students but that will educate and delight readers from across the state or around the world. This is a win-win for our students, K-State and the state of Kansas."

The online food journal also has been fun for the students.

"I enjoyed doing the project. It was something different I had ever done before," said Kylie Hanson, a senior in dietetics and public health nutrition, Pawnee Rock.

"I really like the Webzine a lot. It means a lot to me as someone who is so far away from home. My family and friends from all over the world can see what I have done just by going online," said Valerie Tan, a senior in public health nutrition, Manhattan, whose family lives in Malaysia.

Other Kansas Food Journal student staff members include:

Sam Ahring, senior in hotel and restaurant management, Girard; Kris Richman, senior in nutritional sciences, Hutchinson; Ginger Bentley, senior in public health nutrition and kinesiology, Leavenworth; Magda Hart Schwartz, senior in nutrition and exercise science and dietetics, Manhattan; Rebecca Peppard, May 2008 bachelor's graduate in public health nutrition, Rose Hill; Jeremy Wiltz, May 2008 bachelor's graduate in nutritional sciences, Sabetha; Jana Patton, May 2008 bachelor's graduate in nutritional sciences, and Laura Smith, senior in nutrition and exercise science and dietetics, both of Topeka; and Jessica Lutz, senior in general human ecology, Wichita.

From out of state: Tiffany Ortiz Gutierrez, junior in public health nutrition and dietetics, Sandia, Texas.

Nate Dillon, webmaster for the College of Human Ecology, serves as webmaster for the journal.

Marshall edits Kansas Food Journal. She is a food journalist and culinary historian who was features editor at major newspapers around the country for more than 25 years. She also teaches Development of American Cuisine each fall at K-State.

The food writing course, HMD 443, is offered every spring semester at K-State. In spring 2009, the course will also be available online.

Source: Jane Marshall, 785-532-1519, jpm2@k-state.edu

This article was posted on Monday, June 2, 2008, and is filed under College News.