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International Sustanability Expert to present University Distinguished lecture, headline Interior Design Symposium

Thursday, October 11, 2007

MANHATTAN — David Oakey, international expert on “green” design and sustainability, will present a University Distinguished Lecture at 1:30 p.m., Oct.19, in the K-State Union Forum Hall. His presentation, titled “Respecting the Future,” will make the case for green design and manufacturing and the benefits for businesses and individuals.

Oakey’s lecture is sponsored by the College of Human Ecology and is also the keynote address for the Interior Design Student Symposium, a professional development event for designers and students sponsored by the Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design.

Because of the broad and timely appeal of his topic, Oakey’s University Distinguished Lecture is also supported by the College of Business Administration, the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, and the College of Engineering.

Oakey, owner of David Oakey Designs, is the premier designer for Interface Flooring, the largest manufacturer of modular commercial carpet systems in the world. He and Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface, pioneered a carpet tile system that dramatically reduces the amount of waste created in production and installation. Since the mid-1990s, Interface has committed itself to reducing waste and negative environmental impacts in their entire manufacturing process.

Oakey lectures and consults extensively on sustainable business practices, working with such giants as Nike and Wal-Mart.

“Waste is our biggest problem,” Oakey said. “I often try to guide big business to look at sustainable practices that will improve their bottom line. That’s one thing they jump on very quickly. If the waste becomes a profit stream itself, and then the idea of ‘waste’ goes away entirely.”

His lecture is expected to be of interest to faculty and students across campus. His presentations encompass design, manufacturing, business practices and environmental issues.

“David Oakey is a fascinating speaker,” Virginia Moxley, dean of the College of Human Ecology, said. “He builds a compelling case for sustainable design and manufacturing practices, while making the topic accessible to anyone.”

The University Distinguished Lecture is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Jennifer Rettele-Thomas, College of Human Ecology director of development, 800-432-1578, jenniferr@found.ksu.edu, or Migette Kaup, associate professor of interior design, 785-532-1317, kaup@ksu.edu.

This article was posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007, and is filed under Apparel, Textiles, & Interior Design.