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K-State's College of Human Ecology makes interim administrative appointments permanent

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MANHATTAN -- Two interim administrators with Kansas State University's College of Human Ecology have been named to their posts permanently by Virginia Moxley, dean of the college.

Briana S. Nelson Goff has been promoted from the college's interim assistant dean for academic affairs to associate dean for academic affairs, while Denis Medeiros has become the college's permanent associate dean for scholarship and research.

Goff is an associate professor in marriage and family therapy in the college's School of Family Studies and Human Services. She coordinates the Kansas All-Hazards Behavioral Health Program, which is currently active in recovery efforts in the Greensburg tornado disaster area.

A Kansas licensed clinical marriage and family therapist and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Goff earned bachelor's and master's degrees from K-State, and a doctorate from Texas Tech University. She joined the K-State faculty in 1998.

"Dr. Goff has a way of eliciting the best from her students and co-workers. Her dedication to multiculturalism and to awakening students to the global community make her the perfect fit for the directions we are taking the college," Moxley said.

Goff is charged with advancing teaching and learning in the college. She will coordinate international programs and partnerships, lead undergraduate research and honors program projects, help departments recruit and retain graduate students, and bolster graduate academic programs.

Goff has three goals for her new post. "I want at least 50 percent of our undergraduates to have some direct experience with research," she said. Second, she plans to continue increasing diversity in students, staff and faculty. Her third goal is for the Human Ecology students to have experiences outside their comfort zone.

"I hope to give every one of our students the opportunity to have an experience outside Kansas," she said. "This could mean studying abroad, or volunteering in a Native American school or in an inner-city program. It might be a study tour to Italy, a mission trip to Africa or a summer job in Mexico."

Goff has published broadly, especially in the area of postwar trauma, in journals ranging from American Journal of Orthopsychiatry to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. She has contributed chapters in several books about family issues and trauma. She also has garnered more than $750,000 in grants for research topics such as trauma and reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, funded by the National Research Council, and work with veteran and military families. She will be continuing her research and work with trauma and disaster events.

A prominent scientist and leader in the field of human nutrition, Medeiros will continue as head of the department of human nutrition. The department has a record enrollment of more than 300 undergraduates and nearly 40 graduate students. It is also home to the Sensory Analysis Center, which offers one-of-a-kind graduate training, as well as other international renowned programs.

In his new duties, Medeiros will advance scholarship and research initiatives, oversee research, lead professional development opportunities for faculty and graduate students, administer agricultural experiment station projects in human ecology and develop collaborative partnerships on campus and with other organizations and institutions.

"In human nutrition, we are part of the solution to keeping the societal health quandaries -- aging, obesity and lack of physical activity among them -- at bay," Medeiros said. "The College of Human Ecology broadens the spectrum, paving the way for people to lead healthier, more quality-driven lives. We want our students to be change advocates, practitioners, policymakers and researchers to carry out our mission."

Major goals, he said, are to recruit the most talented students and faculty and to ensure good research outcomes.

"Dr. Medeiros brings exceptional knowledge and experience in higher education administration to the associate dean position," Moxley said. "His extensive scholarly accomplishments have prepared him well to serve as a research mentor for our faculty."

Medeiros has a doctorate from Clemson University. Since joining the K-State faculty in 2000, he has brought in more than $3 million in federal funding. He has published widely in journals such as American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of Nutrition and Journal of Food Science. He co-authored a textbook in advanced human nutrition and has written chapters in a number of scientific books. He is a member of the editorial boards of Journal of Nutrition, Experimental Biology and Medicine, Nutrition Research and Biological Trace Element and Research. He is a member of K-State's Food Science Institute and food science graduate faculty.

He also served as president of Alianza, a Hispanic/Latino faculty group at K-State, in 2006. Under his leadership, the department of human nutrition received K-State's Outstanding Department or Unit Award for Enhancing Diversity at K-State.

In addition, Medeiros leads Kansas Bridges to the Future, a program to increase transfer of underrepresented minority students from Kansas community colleges to K-State to study biomedical sciences. It is funded by the National Institute of Health.

Sources: Virginia Moxley, 785-532-532-5500, moxley@k-state.edu;
Briana Nelson Goff, 785-532-1490, bnelson@k-state.edu; and
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Photos available. Contact media@k-state.edu or 785-532-6415.
News release prepared by: Jane Marshall, 785-532-1519, jpm2@k-state.edu

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