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K-State specialist suggests asking children to teach technology

Thursday, January 25, 2007

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Parents who watch their children manage technology easily may want to take a lesson or two from them, said Elaine Johannes, Kansas State University Research and Extension specialist in adolescent development.

Learning how to send - and receive - a text message via a cell phone can ease communication between parents and children, she said. If a child is with a group of friends at a movie that is running longer than anticipated, for example, he can send a text message to advise his parents, rather than have to place a call that might embarrass him in front of friends.

Technology can not only benefit parents and children, but also open the door for unwanted contacts. Johannes advises parents of children with cell phones to check bills regularly - numbers called and text messages sent.

More information on managing family life is available at county and district K-State Research and Extension offices and on Extension´s Web site: www.oznet.ksu.edu.

This article was posted on Thursday, January 25, 2007, and is filed under College News, Family Studies & Human Services.