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K-State provides resources to students who are hospitalized at Mercy

Saturday, November 11, 2006

MANHATTAN - Kansas State University's Lafene Health Center, in conjunction with the K-State Crisis Management Committee and Mercy Regional Health Center, now has available an updated brochure for students who are hospitalized at Mercy.

The informational brochure provides students with a list of campus resources to contact for assistance. Campus services that are readily available to all K-State students, especially following hospitalization, include Lafene, the office of student life, counseling services and the Women's Center.

These campus services give students access to critical areas of needed support, according to Heather Reed, assistant dean of student life at K-State. Professionals at these agencies will collaborate to assist students in making a smooth transition back to campus, Reed said.

Lafene Health Center services are available to all eligible K-State students and their spouses, said Robert Tackett, the center's medical director.

"Many students who are treated at Mercy Regional Health Center do require follow-up care," Tackett said. "Lafene Health Center provides comprehensive, high-quality, easily accessible, affordable outpatient health care. We want to meet the health needs of the students, especially following a hospitalization, which can be a particularly stressful time.

"Lafene Health Center staff is available to continue the treatment plan set up at the hospital, or to assist students' with medical needs as they assimilate back to classes after a hospital stay."

Reed said the office of student life provides information about academic assistance available when a student misses class due to illness or crisis.

"When a student has experienced a severe or extended illness, the office of student life also can help with the procedures necessary to lessen the academic load or withdraw from classes, if necessary," she said.

Counseling services can assist with counseling and/or consultation to help with a variety of issues common to college students. Assistance also is provided to identify options to address specific concerns, according to Dorinda Lambert, associate director.

"Counseling services can help with a variety of personal and academic concerns common to college students through individual, couples or group counseling," she said. "We also have stress management training and alcohol and/or other drug education available through our office.

"In the initial contact, our consultant can help assess the student's current mental health needs and then make recommendations," she said. "If our services are not appropriate, we'll help identify other community resources and options. Our goal is to assist students in finding ways to be successful in college."

K-State's Women's Center will assist with issues related to sexual assault and other forms of violence, according to Mary Todd, assistant director of the center.

"This is what makes K-State different from other universities," Todd said. "Our sexual assault advocate will meet with not only the student, but with friends and family in order to connect the student to resources in whatever area support is needed. As always, all information is kept confidential."

The brochure is available at:

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