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Four Cornhuskers go wild for K-State

Monday, November 6, 2006

MANHATTAN - There must be something "purple" in the water on Tennyson Circle in Lincoln, Neb.

Four full-time college students hail from this small street in Lincoln - in the heart of Cornhusker country - and all four of them attend Kansas State University.

Sarah Knudsen is a senior in apparel and textiles, while younger sister Cindy Knudsen is a freshman in pre-journalism and mass communications. Whitney Buchmann is a freshman in Spanish and psychology, and Cara Kroeger is a sophomore in interior design and American ethnic studies.

The women say all of them ending up in Manhattan is a neat coincidence - especially since they all grew up as big Nebraska fans.

"I think all of us came here for different reasons and different majors, but we all fell in love with the campus and school after our first visit," said Sarah Knudsen.

Buchmann, Kroeger and the Knudsens all said they noticed the friendly people at K-State right away, as well as the beautiful campus. Buchmann said she likes the enthusiastic professors at K-State and felt welcomed every time she visited. Kroeger and Sarah Knudsen noted the great academic programs K-State offers.

"I like how everyone is so nice and takes time to help other people," Cindy Knudsen said. "I also like the campus - I think it's really pretty. But I think the people really make the college."

"K-State just captured me in all aspects," Buchmann said.

Although all four are strong supporters of K-State, feelings may change Oct. 14, when the Cornhusker football team comes to town. All of the women say they will probably cheer for their hometown team, although Buchmann has found a compromise, at least clothing-wise - a purple Nebraska shirt she was given as a high school graduation gift.

Sarah Knudsen said other students on their block have attended other schools but "the ones that go to K-State are by far the coolest."

This article was posted on Monday, November 6, 2006, and is filed under Apparel, Textiles, & Interior Design, College News.