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K-State experts teaching students proper dining etiquette for job interviews conducted during a meal

Thursday, October 19, 2006

MANHATTAN - College students who have no trouble acing a calculus test or cranking out a research paper may find themselves stumped when it comes to choosing the right fork from a table setting.

Because many employers conduct interviews during meals, two Kansas State University experts are stepping up to help students by offering a workshop that will prepare job candidates to avoid embarrassing moments and career-crushing table manners. K-State's career and employment services is offering the Fall 2006 Dining Etiquette Workshop at 5:30p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9, in Derby Dining Center's Gold Room.

At the workshop, participants will dine on a meal while Pat Pesci, director of K-State's hotel and restaurant management program, and Kevin Roberts, instructor of hotel, restaurant, institution management and dietetics, teach the basics of dining etiquette. Special emphasis will be placed on situations that may arise during an interview, such as whether to order alcohol, how to make pleasant conversation and who should pick up the bill. The instructors also will address how to recover from mishaps, from spilled food to a ringing cell phone.

The workshop, which includes a meal, costs $6.75 for students, faculty and staff, but students living in the residence halls may use their meal plan to pay for the workshop. Participants should come dressed as though they were going to a real interview. Reservations must be made by Friday, Nov. 3, at 785-532-6506 or dropping by 100 Holtz Hall.

This article was posted on Thursday, October 19, 2006, and is filed under Hospitality Management.