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K-State's Beach Museum of Art fosters early childhood education

Thursday, January 27, 2005

MANHATTAN -- Learning about art at a young age may help children grasp other educational concepts more easily, according to Kathrine Schlageck of the Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University. That is why the museum offers art classes for children, ages 2 to 6.

Schlageck said children can learn skills for math (rhythm, patterns and order), colors and shapes (symbol sets), and word making (putting shapes together to make objects), from participating in art. Schlageck is the education and public services supervisor at the museum. Although she has been in this position for 10 years, she said early childhood has only recently become a focus in their audience development.

Art also fosters children's creativity, Schlageck said.

"This is probably the age when children are the most creative," she said.

She said this is also an important time for children to learn basic skills, such as using scissors and glue.

A typical class at the museum lasts one hour. Children hear a story from a book, spend time in the galleries looking at art and participate in an activity such as a song or dance. The class ends with an art project.

"Rotating among several activities is really helpful so they can do different things," Schlageck said.

Children might create a still life or a mask during a class at the museum. Schlageck said the students grasp the concepts of the projects well.

"It's all done on a level they can understand," she said. "You would really be amazed at some of the things kids will talk about."

Upcoming classes include "Starry Night," based on the night sky, and "From the Bottom Up," based on the work of architect Angiolo Mazzoni.

Schlageck said being on the K-State campus encouraged her to work on early childhood art classes at the museum because of the collaboration opportunities available. For instance, the museum has worked in collaboration with the Early Childhood Laboratory at K-State. In addition, the museum has worked with community programs such as Head Start.

Workshops are limited to 12 children and there is a supplies cost of $3. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the museum at 785-532-7718.

This article was posted on Thursday, January 27, 2005, and is filed under College News.