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College of Human Ecology

List of Content Managers

The individuals listed below have been designated as a content manager for their department/unit's CMS-driven website and can add, remove or modify content on the website*. Please send your approved content changes directly to them.

*Content managers are unable to edit certain information on personnel pages. See the section below for more details.

CMS SiteContent Manager(s)
College of Human EcologyShawna Jordan
Center on AgingPam Evans
Institute for Academic AlliancesCarol Hockersmith
Apparel, Textiles, and Interior DesignHannah Schuh
Historic Costume and Textile MuseumHannah Schuh
Hospitality Management 
Center for Food Safety in Child Nutrition ProgramsKerri Cole
Food Allergy EducationJunehee Kwon
Xiaoye Li
Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and HealthBrian Lindshield 
Erika Lindshield
Center for Food for Safety in Child Nutrition ProgramsKerri Cole
Family Nutrition Program (Extension)Judy Speer
Sensory Analysis CenterDoug Miller
Delores Chambers

Kadri Koppel
KinesiologyTravis Haug
Mary Oborny
Family Studies and Human ServicesKiersten Wukitsch
Jane Garcia
Elizabeth Kiss (Extension)
Suzanne Reese 
Kari Morgan (HDFS/AFS)
Mindy Markham (HDFS/AFS)
Glade Topham (CFT)
Family CenterAlison Boyles
Hoeflin Stone House Early Childhood Education CenterKiersten Wukitsch 
Institute for the Health and Security of Military Families 
Institute of Personal Financial PlanningKiersten Wukitsch
Sonya Lutter

Ron Sages
Speech and Hearing CenterJane Garcia

Personnel Pages

On personnel profile pages within most of the college's CMS sites, certain details are provided from a central, college-hosted database. The use of the database is an attempt to maintain updated, consistent contact details for faculty and staff across all of the college's sites. The database-driven content includes:

  • email address
  • office address
  • phone number
  • professional title
  • university portrait photo

Where sites rely on the database to provide content to the page, content managers are unable to directly edit this content; they will contact the college's web developer at humecweb@k-state.edu who will apply the updates to the database. Edits to the database are immediately reflected on the sites where the data is used. Other details like education, courses taught and vitas can be modified by content managers.

See more about personnel pages and university portrait photos