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Department of Kinesiology

Healthier Troops in a SNAP!

Scouting Nutrition & Activity Program:  A health promotion program targeting girl scouts, their parents, and troop leaders.

Who? This program was created by Dr. Richard Rosenkranz, from Kansas State University's Department of Human Nutrition and the Youth Health Behavior Research Laboratory. The Sunflower Foundation underwrote the creation and evaluation of the program. It was first created first for Junior Girl Scout Troops, and then later modified to include Brownies. K-State researchers have helped to implement this program successfully in six local Junior and Brownie Troops over the past two years, and now seek to disseminate it more widely.

What? Healthier Troops in a SNAP is a health promotion program that is delivered by Girl Scout troop leaders. It involves creation of fruit and vegetable snacks, fun physical activities that can be done in meetings and at home with parents, and a supporting educational curriculum with badge-related homework activities. Along with physical activity and healthful eating, this program focuses on the importance of family meals, limiting television, and choosing water over soda.

Where? The program focuses on ways to make healthful changes, both in troop meetings, and in girls' homes.

Why? The program was written to help efforts to prevent obesity, and to improve the health of Girl Scouts and their families by promoting physical activity and healthful eating. According to recent government data, about one in three girls is overweight or obese. Many children do not meet recommended guidelines for physical activity or fruit and vegetable consumption.

How? Interested troop leaders can obtain a free copy of the curriculum for use in their troops. PowerPoint presentations are available to assist implementation.  All relevant materials are provided here on this website.  Powerpoints and videos are also also available at www.authorstream.com and www.youtube.com.

A group-randomized controlled trial for health promotion in Girl Scouts: Healthier Troops in a SNAP (PDF)