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School of Family Studies and Human Services

Undergraduate Program

Majors in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) participate in a stimulating program in which students are introduced to the basic sciences of speech, language and hearing. Coursework also introduces the student to communication disorders across the lifespan. To enhance the undergraduate experience, CSD students participate in clinical observations at the K-State Speech and Hearing Center as well as schools and medical facilities in the community.

Required coursework (primarily junior and senior years) provides the foundation skills for understanding the normal processes of speech, language and hearing. The undergraduate program provides the framework for a graduate degree in communication sciences and disorders, which is required to become a certified speech-language pathologist or audiologist.

looking at human skull in labUndergraduate enrollment in specified professional courses (Introduction to Phonetics, Anatomy of the Speech Mechanism, Developmental Psycholinguistics, Language Assessment and Intervention I, Disorders of Articulation and Phonology, Basic Audiology, and Hearing Science) requires CSD major, completion of 57 credit hours, and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, including both K-State and KSIS-credited transfer coursework.

For more course descriptions and program information, visit the Kansas State University Undergraduate Course Catalog for the bachelor's degree (B.S.) in communication sciences and disorders.