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School of Family Studies and Human Services

CSD Courses and Clinic

Students working with Dr. HoagThe graduate coursework offered at Kansas State University provides comprehensive preparation for the clinical practice of speech-language pathology. Required courses (see K-State Graduate Catalog for course descriptions) and semesters they are offered include:

Fall Semester

  • CSD 741 Fluency Disorders (3)
  • CSD 745 Neuromotor Speech Disorders (3)
  • CSD 750 Voice Disorder (3)
  • CSD 844 Dysphagia (3)

Spring Semester

  • CSD 742 Language Assessment and Intervention II (3)
  • CSD 748 Cleft Palate (1)
  • CSD 780 Instrumental Measurement for Clinical Application (2)
  • CSD 841 Acquired Language & Cognitive Disorders (4)
  • CSD 851 Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology (2)

Summer Semester

  • CSD 725 Augmentative & Alternative Communication (2)
  • CSD 743 Communication Impairments in Autism Spectrum Disorders (2)
  • CSD 744 Aural Rehabilitation (2)

Working with a childIn addition to course work and a research experience, an important component of graduate training involves providing diagnostic and therapy services to individuals with communication and swallowing disorders. Students complete four semesters of practicum at the K-State Speech and Hearing Center under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Toward the end of graduate training, students complete two externships, including one in a child/educational site and one in an adult/medical site. The placements are typically a minimum of 12 weeks in length, and students are present for their supervisor's typical workday (a full-time assignment). All externship students are supervised by a licensed speech-language pathologist.