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Undergraduate Certificate

It is intended that the Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution be available upon completion of the twelve (12) required course hours for the certificate. Enrolling students must be upper-division undergraduates (juniors or seniors), or enroll with permission of the instructor(s).

To be awarded an undergraduate certificate, the student:

  1. must not be on probation
  2. must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher on coursework applied to the certificate
  3. must meet all the requirements of the student's certificate program
  4. must be enrolled during the semester in which the certificate requirements are completed

Courses Offered

Note: The first course of the program must be CNRES 531, and then the student may enroll in any three of the remaining four courses.

  • CNRES 531 - Core Conflict Resolution (3)
  • CNRES 532 - Conflict Resolution Across Cultures and Contexts (3)
  • CNRES 533 - Prevention and Intervention of Violence (3)
  • CNRES 534 - Conflict in Organizations (3)
  • CNRES 535 - Divorce & Child Custody Mediation (3)

Contact Information

David Thompson
Program Coordinator
309 Justin Hall

K-State Global Campus

Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution

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