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Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Board of Certification Exam Results and Fee Information



 KSU Ahteletic Training Program Classes 
 2015-20162016-20172017-20183 Year Aggregate
Students Who Graduateed From the Athletic Training Program (Retention)22231257
KSU AT Program Graduates Attempting the Exam19221152
KSU AT Program Graduates Passing the Exam on First Attempt (# pass 1st attempt/# attempting)19 (100%)21 (96%)9 (82%)49 (94%)
KSU AT Program Graduates Passing the Exam Regardless of Attempts (# pass/ # attempting)19 (100%)21 (96%)11 (100%)51 (98%)
Students admitted into Athletic Training Cohort25241665
Students Who Transferred From the Athletic Training Program (Attrition) (# left the program/# admitted)3 (12%)1 (4%) 3 (20%)5 (8%)
Placement of Students Following Graduation (Employed as AT; Employed as AT/Enrollment in related professional program; Enrollment in related professional degree program and not employed).  (# placed/#graduated)20 (91%22 (96%)12 (100%)54 (96%)
Students who enrolled in related professional degree program (# placed/ # graduated)14 (64%)21 (91%)8 (67%)43 (75%)
Students employed as AT following graduation (# Employed as AT/# graduated)12 (55%)15 (65%)7 (58%)34 (65%)
Students who were employed in other setting2 (9%)1 (4%)0 (0%)3 (5%)
Students remaining for December Graduation (# graduating in December/ # in cohort)  1 (8%)1 (2%)


Fees and Costs for the Program

Required Fees for the program 
NATA Student Membership (Each Year)$85
Liability Insurance (Each Year)$35
American Heart Association BLS Certification (Every 2 years)$30
TB Skin Titer (Every year)$10
Hepatitis B Titer (First year only)$38
Physical (First year only)$25
Total $223
Optional Fees for the program 
Clothing (Khaki pants, polo shirt) $50
Hepatitis B Booster $49.50
Athletic Training Student Association Dues$10
Flu Shot$15
Miscelaneous Costs$10-100