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College of Human Ecology

Professional Development Day

Pursuing Your Future

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The College of Human Ecology Council is hosting a Professional Development Day. This is open to all students in the College of Human Ecology - freshman to graduate students. This day is intended to help prepare students to reach their future goals. Professionals from several different areas will speak about topics such as resume building, interviewing, transferable skills, financial planning and job searching. Throughout the day, you will listen to presentations that you choose based on what you want to hear and where you're at in your professional life.

The professional development sessions are outlined below.

Put your best WORDS forward is all about how to use words to your advantage when creating and building a resume. Assistant Director for Career and Employment Services Dana Nordyke will present on resume basics, how to gear your resume toward a position or program and how using social media can help or hinder you.

Shine in the SPOTLIGHT will be a split session covering interviewing and etiquette in the workplace. Hillary L'Ecuyer, a 2014 graduate of Kansas State University and one of the original founders of Professional Development Day, will be using her experiences with interviewing to explain how to prepare for interviews and what to expect during one. She will also cover different types of interviews that you could come across when applying for jobs, internships, or volunteer positions and how to handle each situation with the free resources that are available to you. The etiquette portion of the session will cover how to present yourself well in the workplace and proper dining etiquette with potential employers.

Avoid PIGGY BANK problems will be an informational session about financing your future. Marc Shaffer, an involved K-State alumnus who works in financial planning at Searcy Financial Services, will present on topics such as financial planning, student loan debt and budgeting.

Please remember these descriptions when registering, because you will be asked to choose which sessions you're interested in attending.

Any College of Human Ecology student is welcome to attend, whether you're a freshman or a graduate student. Pastries and coffee will be available during check in, and a sandwich bar will be provided for lunch. Dress is casual, but put together.

Professional Development Day


Saturday, February 21, 2015
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Justin Hall


Any College of Human Ecology Student

Registration Deadline
Registration closed February 6