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Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design

Study Abroad

ATID faculty members encourage students to engage in a study abroad experiences as a means to broaden their understanding of the global environment and how it influences both the apparel and textiles and building industries. Studying abroad provides students with incredible opportunities to engage in life-changing experiences. See the information at right or visit the K-State Education Abroad website to learn more about the opportunities to study abroad. In addition to the many programs offered by the university, the department offers specific programs for apparel and textiles and interior design that will allow you to learn while you explore companies/firms and network with alumni and professionals within the AT and ID career fields.

ATID students go on semester-long study abroad programs, summer programs abroad, as well as faculty-led trips during academic year breaks and during the summer. Our students have recently studied in China, England, France, South Korea, Australia, and Mexico.

Studying abroad has many benefits, including gaining international experience and multicultural competency, personal growth and independence, as well as enhancing your fluency in a foreign language. Knowing a foreign language is not required, even when you go to a country where English is not spoken.

Do you think you don't have the money to study abroad? There are several scholarships and financial aid available to students wanting to study in a different country, and some programs will allow you to pay regular K-State tuition.

Schedule an appointment with the K-State Education Abroad office to review your options and the opportunities available for your degree program. Interior design students should speak with Hannah Schuh or Professor Peggy Honey prior to meeting with the study abroad office.

After you have met with a study abroad advisor and narrowed down your options set up an appointment with Hannah Schuh, advisor and student services coordinator to begin planning your study abroad experience.

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Study Tours

Hong Kong/South Korea Study Tour