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Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design

Kristen Henriksen

American ChristmasKristen Henrikson
Creative Director

After graduating from the interior design program in May 2010, Kristen moved to New York and accepted a position with American Christmas, a commercial holiday display company. As a creative director, she designs and illustrates holiday decor concepts, primarily focusing on large-scale, temporary installations for building facades, interiors and public plazas of well-known department stores, national retail stores, landmark buildings, hotels and commercial office spaces. She also collaborates with her coworkers to develop solutions for building the designs, ensuring all concepts and construction methods are brand appropriate and can be executed within the given budget.

Though New York City is the main venue for American Christmas' work, she has traveled across the country, overseeing the installation of holiday displays that create a festive atmosphere, delighting tourists and locals alike. To learn more about American Christmas and see photos of her work, check out the American Christmas portfolio.