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Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design

Sarina Sun

University of MissouriSarina Sun
Doctoral Student

Sarina was born in China and raised in Louisiana. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design from Louisiana State University, she sought out a master's degree in apparel and textiles from Kansas State University. Sarina's research was guided by the concept of slow design in an attempt to revive and sustain traditional cultural handcraft and art in the modern context. This design research utilized Chinese Su Xiu embroidery, natural dye and resist dyeing techniques in creating a collection called "Naturally Refined," exhibited at the William T. Kemper Art Gallery in the K-State Student Union in 2012.

Having received her master's degree, Sarina is now a graduate instructor at the University of Missouri where her research focus is involved with 3D printing application in apparel design, digital textile printing, 3D body scanning technology as well as sustainable design strategy. Her scholarship in design and non-design approaches has also been recognized through professional awards and conferences.

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