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College of Human Ecology

Alumni Awards

Each year the college recognizes alumni at the Celebration of Excellence event who have made significant contributions to the field or the College of Human Ecology. To nominate an alumnus in one of the following categories, send an email to he@k-state.edu prior to February 1 of each year.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes alumni for achievements in their careers, leadership in their communities, and their support of K-State and the College of Human Ecology.

Distinguished Research Award

The Distinguished Research Award recognizes a Human Ecology graduate's significant contributions to humanity, K-State and his or her profession through research.

Entrepreneur Award

The Entrepreneur Award recognizes a Human Ecology graduate's entrepreneurial spirit and success in business.

Executive Leadership Award

This award recognizes a Human Ecology graduate who provides leadership to a major business, association or institution and who has a sustained interest in the College of Human Ecology.

Friend of the College Award

The Friend of the College Award recognizes significant ongoing support by demonstrating significant leadership on behalf of the College at the community, state or federal level. 

Public Advocacy Award

The Public Advocacy Award recognizes a person or organization for their impact on issues important to the field of human ecology.

Rising Professional Award

The Rising Professional Award is given to honor significant contributions in the field of human ecology by a graduate in the early stages of his or her career. 

Human Ecology Partner Award

The College of Human Ecology Partner Award is given to honor individuals at corporations who have provided sustained partnerships with the college to enhance student and faculty research, internships, or other educational opportunities.

Alumni Fellows Award