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Center on Aging

Personhood and Dementia Workshop

SAVE THE DATE for our 2019 program!

Thursday, November 7, Bluemont Hotel



2018 program

Karen StobbeKaren Stobbe returned again this year as our keynote speaker and offered an interactive training session.  You may remember that Karen was our speaker in 2015. Karen is the director of In the Moment, an organization that uses improvisation to help train caregivers as they deal with the effects of Alzheimer's/dementia on their loved ones and patients.  She has personal experience as a caregiver for family members with the disease.  Karen and her husband, Mondy Carter, wrote a book titled Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh and also have a performance by the same name. 

During the morning session Karen's topic was titled "Changing Our Behavior, Rethinking Our Perspective About Dementia."  We also offered a caregivers panel to discuss using creativity in the care partner role.  The guidelines of Improvisation and the guidelines of being with a person with dementia are parallel. This session illustrated those parallels and how to change your approach so it allows you and the person you care for to have a better quality of life.


Please note that the morning and afternoon sessions are always different presentations.  Individuals are welcome to attend all or any portion of the day allowed by your schedule. The Personhood and Dementia Event is free and open to the public. Anyone interested is invited to attend. No registration is required and parking is free of charge.

From the Director

"We are doing this workshop because we have recognized the high demands placed on formal and informal caregivers of persons with dementia. Recent practice has shown the benefits of the arts for persons with cognitive loss. Because medical advances have helped people to live longer, more and more of us will be afflicted with these problems. It is important for us to find solutions that focus on quality of life for this population."

— Gayle Doll, Director
K-State Center on Aging