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Center on Aging

Meadowlark Lecture Series

The Meadowlark Hills Lecture Series grew out of a desire to establish further connections between the retirement community and campus. Meadowlark Hills' residents desired opportunities to continue to learn. Kansas State University was a perfect fit to meet this request. The Center on Aging serves to connect these two organizations. The lecture series has been discontinued currently but may return at a later date. 

Past Guest Lecturers

  • Patricia Ackerman
  • Mike Apley
  • Heather Bailey
  • Will Baldwin
  • Sonya Britt
  • Marla Day
  • Rob Denel
  • Brianna Goff
  • Brian Harris
  • Richard Harris
  • Jerry Jaax
  • Stacy Kovar
  • Laszlo Kulcsar
  • Gary LaGrange
  • Jane Marshall
  • Steven Maxwell
  • Terry McCants
  • Jay and Barbara Nelson
  • Anne Phillips
  • Bryan Pinkall
  • Doug Powell
  • Sarah Price
  • Cliff Rovelto
  • Candice Shoemaker
  • Susanne Siepl-Coates
  • Jim Stack
  • Kevin Steinmetz
  • David Steward
  • Sandra Stith
  • Marty Vanier
  • Steve Warren
  • Michael Wesch
  • Karin Westman
  • Carol Wyatt