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College of Human Ecology

Master's Degree Program

This option allows students with a bachelor's degree to work toward a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction and licensure in family and consumer sciences education. Students can take all of their courses at K-State or online from other institutions.

Students complete 15 hours of general curriculum and instruction courses, 15 hours in their area of specialization, and a 1-6 credit hour research project, report, or thesis.

Students should have their transcripts reviewed to determine the courses that must be taken to meet Kansas Department of Education requirements for licensure in family and consumer sciences. Some undergraduate courses may be needed to fulfill these requirements (pdf). To determine approximately how many courses/credits you have remaining to receive licensure, complete the licensure checklist (doc) and send the checklist and your transcripts to Janine Duncan for review. After her review, an official letter will be sent indicating the remaining courses.

For a transcript review or more information, contact Janine Duncan.