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The Human Ecology network is comprised of more than 500 connected devices. This local area network spans seven buildings and is used by all members of our College. Our computers are connected to K-State's campus network and the Internet.

The Computing Support Group is located in Justin 121C. Current members of the group are Marin Dowlin, Spencer Jensen, Jordan Johnson, Sam Haines and Brandon Utech. We will answer your questions and requests for service as quickly as we can. We encourage you to contact us by sending an e-mail to or by filling out our online Request Assistance form. This method ensures our quickest response as all members of the group check this mailbox.

If you need to call, our number is (785) 532-1558. We also have a Twitter account that notifies of problems and emergency notification in case of disaster or outage.

The navigation bar above contains the pages to get access to our various services and instructions, this page has been redone for the new website look, and to make it easier to find what you need.

Request Computer/Network Assistance from the Network Support Team

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College of Human Ecology
Kansas State University
119 Justin Hall
Manhattan, Kansas 66506
+1 (785) 532-5500

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