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Professional Mentoring Program Travel Grant

Students participating in the Professional Mentoring Program in the College of Human Ecology may be eligible for funds to enable travel to visit their mentors. While long-distance mentoring relationships are very valuable, meeting face-to-face can help further build long-lasting professional mentoring relationships for both mentors and mentees.

Who is eligible? 

Students who are currently enrolled at K-State in a degree-seeking program in human ecology and have been working with their mentors for at least 3 months are eligible to apply. 

What is required?

In order to receive travel funds, a student’s mentor must reside at least 250 miles or more outside of Manhattan, KS and not in the student’s hometown. The travel grant application must be completed in full, including supporting documents from the student’s mentor, prior to travel. 

For further details or questions, please contact Austin Anderson at (785) 532-2552 or by e-mail at austin33@k-state.edu.

Professional Mentoring Program Travel Grant Application