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College of Human Ecology

Welcome CHE Graduate Students!

John Buckwalter
John Buckwalter, Dean

Our motto in the College of Human Ecology is "In a world focused on things, we focus first on people" and we invite you to live that out in your studies, research and the impact you have on undergraduates, the campus and community. It is our hope that you find your K-State experience both challenging and fulfilling while you take advantage of our resources, research and collaboration opportunities, and the rich knowledge that lives within our faculty.

At Kansas State University we pride ourselves on many things, among them our competitive and collaborative academics, friendly faculty and staff, and an investment in individual students. I invite you to give your next few years at K-State everything you can in the classroom, lab, library, on campus and in the community, as this is an opportunity for intangible growth in addition to earning your next degree.

John Buckwalter, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Human Ecology


CHE Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate Degree Programs

More than one hundred years ago the college, then known as the Department of Household Economy, first offered a graduate program. Today the number of Master of Science and PhD degree offerings has ballooned to nearly two dozen. In 2015, we have more than 400 graduate students enrolled in the college.

Our graduates are in leadership roles around the globe. They create, invent, teach, heal, discover and work with people to make lives better. They live the college motto: focusing first on people.

Graduate students, studying with some of the top scientists and educators in their fields ranging from exercise science to financial therapy, gear their work to fit their professional goals.

For a list of available degree programs see the Graduate School catalog.

K-State Graduate School

For more graduate degree options at Kansas State University, see the K-State Graduate School website.

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