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Speech and Hearing Center

Speech and Hearing Center
Kansas State University
139 Campus Creek Complex
Manhattan, KS 66506

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The K-State Speech and Hearing Center supports a number of special programs and projects that provide outreach to the K-State community, Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Faculty and students and in communication sciences and disorders provide leadership.

Manhattan-area Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group

The Manhattan-area TBI support group is a network of individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as family members, friends, or interested community members. The TBI support group is open to the public; it meets the fourth Thursday of the month (5:30-7 pm) to discuss topics and ideas important for recovery and success in community living. Dr. Jane Garcia (jgarcia@k-state.edu) leads the group. Dr. Garcia also hosts TBIoptions.ksu.edu, which offers many online educational materials and resources about traumatic brain injury. 

Manhattan Chapter of the National Stuttering Association

The Manhattan Chapter of the National Stuttering Association (a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of people who stutter) provides a safe and friendly atmosphere for people who stutter and those who are affected by stuttering (e.g., family and friends). The support group meets once a month and allows people who stutter to meet with others who stutter, share experiences, practice speaking skills and feel a sense of connection. Please contact Dr. Kristin Pelczarski (kpelczar@k-state.edu) for additional information.

A3SG: Adolescents and Adults with Autism Support Groupautism

The Adolescents and Adults with Autism Support Group, or A3SG, is a support group for older adolescents (age 16+) and adults on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s and Autism) and their families. The group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, 7-8 pm, at the Manhattan Public Library, 629 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, KS.  Meetings are typically on the 2nd floor in the Groesbeck Meeting Room or the Friends' Room. The group discusses topics and resources relevant to ASD, and group members provide each other support and feedback. The group often invites guest speakers to share information relevant to the group’s interests on a variety of topics. The group is led by Dr. Debra Burnett. Please contact her via email at A3SGroupMHK@gmail.com for more information.           

Kansas State Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (KSSSLHA)

KSSSLHA is an organization for students interested in communication sciences and disorders. Each year the group fundraises to make a donation to an organization or group in the community that impacts individuals with speech, language, hearing, or swallowing disorders. Members of KSSSLHA also volunteer in the community with kindergarten screenings. Mrs. Carrie Fratecelli (clfratecelli@k-state.edu) and Dr. Debra Burnett (deburnet@k-state.edu) are co-advisors.