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Department of Hospitality Management

Undergraduate Programs

The hospitality management program at Kansas State University is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. The program is recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of education students receive and the quality of its graduates. Top-notch faculty prepare students for exciting careers in all facets of the hospitality industry.

Mission of the Hospitality Management Program

The mission of the hospitality management program is to prepare students for professional careers in hospitality management by providing theory-based instruction and practical experience.

Philosophy of the Hospitality Management Program

The hospitality management program is founded on the premise that understanding the needs of people in their environments is the basis for success in the hospitality industry. The hospitality management curriculum combines a general hospitality education with focused tracks in either foodservice and restaurant management; lodging management; or convention, meeting and event management. Students also complete courses in business administration, communications, quantitative studies, the humanities and the sciences to provide a strong base for professional success.

Graduates of Kansas State University's hospitality management program are prepared for professional careers in our service-oriented, information-based society. The importance of quality and service is emphasized because customer needs and expectations must be the central focus of innovative hospitality management.