Outreach, Research and Extension

Faculty appointments through K-State Research and Extension are devoted to the development and execution of educational programs and technical information that enhance quality of life. The School of Family Studies and Human Services is committed to improving the lives of children, families, and residents in the state of Kansas through the creation and implementation of quality educational programs. These noncredit programs are available at low cost (or are free) through Kansas Research and Extension Offices in every county in Kansas.

Extension specialists often create educational programs of potential interest to students. Students who are interested in learning more about how community-based educational programs are developed are welcome to visit with specialist faculty. Graduate students may occasionally find publishing opportunities that complement ongoing program resources. Some Extension faculty are also members of the Graduate Faculty in the School.

The following program areas and related websites are described here to introduce students to the types of issues of concern to Kansas families.

Parenting and Child Development

Chuck Smith

The WonderWise Parent is an informative website on parenting and parent-child relationships. The WonderWise Parent is designed for parents, grandparents, foster parents, stepparents, caregivers, teachers, and parent educators. Becoming WonderWise means being open to learning about the humanity of children--what they bring into the world and how they grow. It means becoming more trusting of one's intuition as a parent and accepting the uncertainty and magic in all relationships. Parents are treated here as intelligent and caring human beings capable of making their own decisions about child rearing.

Youth Development

Elaine Johannes

America's youth thrive when their needs, hopes, visions are supported by a network of caring adults, families, services and organizations. YouthBoost! is Kansas State University's information and networking hub for youth workers across Kansas and the mid-west. Positive youth development consists of three primary components. Practices that intentionally apply a set of Principles that together promote the natural Process of youth development. Log on for resources, tools and connection to enhance youth development work.

Family and Marital Relationships

Charlotte Shoup Olsen

The primary goal of Families! programming at K-State Research and Extension is building and maintaining strong families of all types within their communities where they live, play, and work. The International Family Strengths Perspective is used as the foundation for offering strategies, resources, programs, products, and endeavors to families and professionals in the Families! arena.

Adult Development and Aging

Debra Sellers

The K-State Research and Extension Adult Development and Aging office is committed to the development, delivery, and evaluation of educational programs and the provision of technical information to enhance quality of life in Kansan communities.

Financial Management

Carol Young
Esther Maddux

Financial security is being able to meet future needs while keeping current with day-to-day obligations. This site is designed for educators to help people build financial security by improving their financial skills and changing their behaviors.

Loveyourmoney.org is a fun, engaging, and educational way for college students to learn about money management. It is a seven-lesson, self-paced, on-line, non-credit, free program. Funding for this grant was made possible by FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

4-H Military Partnerships

Project Director:
Marlene Glasscock

The National 4-H Headquarters, at USDA, is pleased to have established formal partnerships with Army Child and Youth Services, Air Force Airmen and Family Services, Army Child and Youth Services and Navy Child and Youth Programs to support positive youth development education for youth whose parents are serving in the military. These 4-H Military Partnerships bring the resources of the Land Grant University - youth develoment professionals, research based curricula, and high quality training and technical assistance -- to the youth programs of the military. University and county 4-H staff are serving as project directors, 4-H Military Liaisons, and as youth development and technology specialists on assignment to the Army, Air Force and Navy.

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