Master's Degree in Youth Development

Program Requirements

The graduate program consists of 36 credit hours, including 10 required courses equaling 28 credit hours and 8 elective hours. The courses are offered on a rotating basis, with all courses offered at least once every other year (i.e., fall, spring, and summer).

The eight elective hours will consist of a practicum (1-3 credits), independent study (1-3 credits), or coursework. Practicum and independent study project hours will be coordinated with the major professor.

Core courses offered within the program include nine courses (3 credit hours each) and a professional development seminar (1 credit hour):

  • Foundations of Youth Development (professional development seminar)
  • Community Youth Development
  • Adolescents and Their Families
  • Program Design, Evaluation, and Implementation
  • Topics in Contemporary Youth Issues
  • Youth Professionals as Consumers of Research
  • Youth Policy
  • Administration and Program Management
  • Youth in Cultural Contexts
  • Youth Development

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